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Jamie Dodd Photography

Welcome to Jamie Dodd Photography, a Bristol Wedding Photographer specialising in Wedding photography and Portrait photography.

"I am focused on offering the most memorable and exciting experience to my clients, using powerful story telling and captivating photographic styles. I am always excited to work with new people in beautiful locations. Each of us is very different; your photographs reflect your character and your emotions. I will express your individuality in every photograph I take.

I previously worked full time as a graphic designer but photography was always in my heart. I have an innate connection with imagery and art. I see art everywhere I go and in everyone I meet. Bringing characters, environments and emotions together in photographic form is something I will never tire of. I have many hobbies and interests and I like to see myself as a rather diverse, creative and congenial character, which is communicated in my work.

I believe that photography is one of the most significant and important recordings of our lifetime experiences. We never feel quite the same as we do when in the presence of a powerful image."

Tel: 07872 075306


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