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Table plans

A big part of planning the perfect wedding comes down to planning the perfect reception. Your wedding day has gone without a glitch, the last thing you want is for it to be chaos at the wedding reception and that is why the table plan is so crucial when it comes to organising your big day.

The table plan will be put on display at your wedding reception and it will allow guests to find out where they are sitting for the meal. They take a lot of organisation, but once they are finished they will help to make your day seem smooth running and organised.

Wedding table plans can come in a huge range of designs and themes. You can choose a wedding table plan that matches your wedding colour scheme so that everything ties in together, or if you want something a little more exciting, why not try a unique and custom made plan (see our images above).

The wedding table plan will list the names that are placed on each table and will make it easier for guests to find where they are meant to be for the wedding reception. It’s an important part of your big day so make sure you choose a design that suits your wedding perfectly.


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