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Clayton Jane Photography

A Taunton based Photographer, born and lived in Somerset all my life I have a great understanding of the county. Passionate about all aspects of Photography. Learning all the time, experimenting in many skills of Photography.

Portraits and Wedding but also enjoy Landscape photography exploring Dartmoor and Exmoor with my work seen by many in magazines, weekly papers or online websites documenting the natural beauty of the region.

I'm also developing my skills in Contemporary Dance, Theatre, and bands locally performing including jazz, rock and comedy events. Im gaining a reputation with all of the above.

As I develop an increasingly diverse range of photography, there are so many opportunities and areas to be discovered, including black and white street photography, and experiments in fine art and abstract work.

Living and working with horses all my life is still very close to my heart and my camera, capturing their moods and individual characters.

Weddings especially lend themselves to my kind of photography. Reportage and candour is the way forward, making your day more relaxed and informal. Personality can change under the limelight of a lens, so the ability to capture you and your guests naturally and honestly, and having fun will always come through in my work. That day is a watershed, and its memories are not simply a white album, but a real record of a remarkable day. Even just book me for the candid images - my passion.

I am putting my work on Facebook and Twitter, so do join me via my links, as I will be making special offers and keeping you posted on my journey.


Tel: 01823 351 313 or 07889 455 430


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