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Wedding trends 2015


The great thing about weddings is that they are forever changing, and new ideas are always flourishing. From the time you get engaged until you get married, no doubt, a new trend will have come along for you to indulge all your ideas into.

With so many ideas and inspiration flowing at your finger tips, it can be overwhelming to pick a trend that is going to suit you.

To offer a little helping hand- we have compiled a list of our favourites and the hottest new trends on the wedding day horizon for you to get your teeth stuck into. Remember, you don't always have to have one particular theme or trend at your wedding. Sometimes the most beautiful weddings cleverly borrow elements from one, two or even three trends, which can compliment one another and bring your wedding together in a beautiful way. From floral trends, to colour choices we've rounded up what everyone is talking about this year!


Moving on from the glitz and glam of the Great Gatsby wedding trend we have shifted towards the sheer and sparkle of metallics. In keeping with the natural and rustic wedding look that seems to be here for eternity, brides are bringing a touch of shine to their wedding day with metallics. We love the teamed up looked of industrial brick and wood combined with the glowing tones of copper and gold. The use of metallic can add that modern twist and uniqueness, something that all weddings crave.

Top tip: with all wedding trends, remember that it is possible to over do it. Less is more, and small touches of metallic at your wedding will look much more tasteful than showering everything in gold; sprinkle touches will do!

Clashing Colours

Pastel palettes will always be a favourable choice for a wedding colour theme, but we are completely loving the boldness of bright colours making an appearance on wedding days. Bringing a touch of colour to your day can really lift the mood. We are seeing brides dare to clash bold and bright colours; a simple way to make a statement with a visual impact. This trend works particularly well for summer weddings, especially if you are lucky enough to have the sun on your side. Hot oranges, lime greens and cerise pinks compliment a warm summers day better than anything else, and can really help to achieve a summer wedding look if that's what you are aiming for.

More maids

Bridesmaids are the perfect accessory other than her flowers to compliment the bride. We are seeing the number of bridesmaids increase in size and we love it! Multiple bridesmaids are a simple way to create a visual impact on your big day, and enhance those all important wedding photos.

Top tip: Pinterest is the perfect place to source some creative ideas for more maid photographs, we've seen some great ideas that are fun to create and give a less formal photographic memory to look back on.

Let there be light!

Weddings are the perfect place for quirky finishing touches to make their mark on your special day. Couples are beginning to invest in light installations and they truly make an eye catching statement on your big day. From giant MR & MRS, to BAR signs to the romantic LOVE placed on your guest book table, there are plenty of opportunities to bring lighting into your big day. We are seeing top tables dominated by candles, or backdrops enhanced with fairy lights. As your wedding moves from the day to night, lights can be the perfect way to smooth the transition and add that all important romantic feel.

Hanging décor

Designer florists are leading the way with extravagant hanging installations and encouraging other to be creative with their décor at weddings. The sky is the limit and table centres are a place for creativity to flourish as we are seeing much experimentation go into the all important table displays. From hanging scaffold planks filled with flowers, to hanging candelabras flower arrangements, brides are taking full advantage of the height and filling their venues from floor to ceiling.

Naked Cakes

Dare to bare all with a simple but statement filled wedding cake. Rather than fancy icing and coloured frosting, we are seeing the wedding cake in its naked form. This wedding cake trend is the perfect compliment to a rustic and relaxed style wedding, where formality and tradition is out the window.

Top tip: Complete the natural look and decorate your naked cake with fresh fruit, wild flowers or natural foliages.

#Hashtag weddings

Whilst some couples favour an unplugged version of their wedding day, many are embracing the digital era and making it a part of their special day. Couples are asking their guests to get involved on social media, and even creating their own wedding day #hashtag. We love how these hashtags are displayed in unique DIY décor ideas around the wedding from hand painted chalkboards to brown luggage tags on name settings. Love or loath the mobile phone, this can be a fun way for you to look back on the memories of your special day for years to come.


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