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Cybel's Vintage Hire

Meet Zoe-ann, who has been collecting vintage wares since she was young and has her cottage brimming with gorgeous gems. She has vast background experience as a retail window dresser and has been a Manager for many years, organising people to a high valued customer service standard whilst displaying beautiful items & exhibiting them all over the country. She's always been artistic, has a flair for things & knows where it ‘all fits in’ to please the eye of the public & get that WOW factor.

Amanda is the other owner of this partnership behind this venture and sure enough, always has a plan B, C, D, or E! She’s a Managing Director of a big organisational company and has a love of everything Vintage. They've been friends for years and just ‘clicked’ on the idea of creating Cybel’s Vintage Hire. Between them they want you to experience a stress free venue packed with great friendly customer service & a laugh along the way!

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Tel: 07761 545968


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