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Halloween themed wedding

Halloween Wedding

So Halloween is here again! There's no doubt Halloween weddings are fun, but there are also some unique challenges that come with having a themed wedding.

While other brides will be decked out in white and lace, you can take advantage of fun Halloween-themed outfit and decor ideas, such as black dresses, masks, candles and pumpkins at your celebration, and more. Years afterwards, your friends and family will definitely remember your wedding and all of the fun times they had.


Keep in mind your family and friends may not approve! For every friend who is chuffed about your Halloween wedding idea, there will inevitably be someone else who disapproves and thinks you should go for a traditional wedding ceremony instead. If you really want to have a Halloween themed wedding, stick to your guns! But if you think you will get extremely frustrated or annoyed by constant questioning by friends and family, think twice before taking on the challenge of a Halloween wedding.

All in all, Halloween weddings are a fun and exciting experience. If you and your partner love Halloween and it fits in with your vision of your wedding celebration, it is probably worth it to invest some extra time and money into a Halloween wedding. However, be sure to thoroughly consider the pros and cons of this unique and different type of celebration before totally committing.

If you having a Halloween Wedding, then we wish all "Halloween Happiness" for years to come!


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