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Jamie Dodd Photography

LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF...I’m Jamie, I have been shooting professionally for 10 years and absolutely love it!

I used to run a media company and have worked as a designer for several graphics studios but photography is the one discipline that never left me. I have an innate connection with imagery and art. I see art everywhere I go and in everyone I meet. Bringing characters, environments and emotions together in photographic form is something I will never tire of.

I have many other interests ranging from collecting watches to martial arts and growing chilli peppers! I like to see myself as a rather diverse, creative and congenial character, which is communicated in my work.

I don’t just consider myself a documentary photographer, as I like to get involved with aspects of my work. For example I will shoot a wedding day naturally for 70% of the time and then use 30% to create some really special scenarios that would never otherwise have been. You can look absolutely beautiful but I can make you stunning!

I believe that photography is one of the most significant and important recordings of our lifetime experiences. We never feel quite the same as we do when in the presence of a powerful image.

Website: Email: Tel: 07872 075306


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