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Light up your Wedding

A well-lit space that utilises a carefully thought-out lighting design, is key to successfully creating the right mood and atmosphere within your reception venue.

Correct lighting can actually complement your decor whilst being an element of display in its own right. Lighting devices (such as candles, jars and lamps) can subtly help to influence the mood and signify the beginning and end of different stages of the wedding day.

Good lighting should accentuate your design, not overwhelm it.

Avoid blanketing your space with solid blocks of the same colour as this can feel overpowering and try contrasting colours that are compatible with one another.

The same principle also applies to your other wedding decor elements such as table linens, bar space and walkways.

The type of lighting you opt for should vary across the course of the wedding day too.

Use softer coloured lighting during the meal and more intense and striking illuminations for the party later in the evening; this helps guests with the transition of the wedding as the day progresses.

Lastly, if you’re still nervous about using tinted lighting in your reception decor, opting for props (such as large letters) is another way to carry off the look a little more subtly.


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