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Natalie & Joshua @ Dillington House - Tim Parke Photography

We are delighted to feature a real wedding on the blog, as we visit Natalie & Joshuas wedding at Dillington House shot beautifully by Tim Parke Photography.

"It rained nearly all day but Natalie & Joshua were not worried about the weather at all as their wedding day was the anniversary of the day they met. They first contacted me in sept 2019 and had to postpone several times due to Covid. Numbers were kept to a minimum due to the uncertainty of what the rules would be on their special day."

Tim Parke

If you love my photography, please contact me via the "Contact Form" link below for more detailed information and to possibly arrange a meeting to have an informal chat with no obligation.

We are often booked up over a year or more in advance, so please get in touch at your earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment.

Tim Parke Photography

Tel: 07921 859041


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