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Posh Pitchers

Our mission

We are a mobile event bar whose mission is to offer drinks in jugs (pitchers) that are a tad more upmarket (posh) than those one may typically find at shindigs. We are also very keen to suit up and impress at your corporate events, bring some sophistication to your private parties and weep at how beautiful the bride is at weddings. Our natural habitat however are food and drink festivals and sporting events which is where you’ll typically find us, ensuring that all you fine people are suitably refreshed no matter what time o’clock it is! We’re frightfully good at ensuring your pitchers (and cups) are topped full of British produce including the booze, the mixers and the fruit – all ready for you to quaff. Don’t worry if you think this is all for the ladies, there are recipes to keep the gents chipper too!


We love our planet as much as we love to make people happy. That is why all of our disposable cups are recyclable and, once they’ve served their purpose, we offer a green bin to house them in. To keep our footprint (or more specifically, tyre print) down, we are available for any event (large or small) in the South West, South East and Midlands area in England and promise to source any fresh produce from your local area.

“Everything in moderation”

Here at Posh Pitchers you know that we love attending events and meeting all you wonderful folk; you know that we love making you happy and giving you high quality drinks; you know that we also love our planet but did you know we also love ensuring that all of this is done in a responsible manner? We operate a Challenge 21 policy and not just to pay you all a compliment on how young you look – it’s also to make sure you are of appropriate age and that you are served an appropriate drink accordingly.


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