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Quirky Bristol Weddings

Bristol, a quirky and independent city in it’s own right, can serve to host the most beautiful and unconventional weddings. Marriage is personal, so why not make the wedding itself buck the trends and follow the non-traditional? Here, we show you how Bristol’s own can make your big day a day to remember for all the right reasons!


The setting for your wedding sets the whole tone for your big day, to make sure you stand out, opt for the less traditional. Bristol has an abundance of venues that’ll be sure to wow your guests.

Image of SSGB - photographer Rebecca Roundhill

SS. Great Britain: An icon of the Bristol waters, why not go nautical and say ‘I do’ aboard Brunel’s celebrated 19th Century engineering masterpiece. Picture old-fashioned opulence with plenty of scope to put your own twist on things.

We The Curious: Bristol’s state-of-the-art Science Centre can play host to a very quirky ceremony. Say your vows under the stars in the breathtaking planetarium, your wedding will truly be out of this world.

Image of Arnos Vale Cemetery - photographer Francis Taylor

Arnos Vale Cemetery: incorporating three different venues, allowing for a bespoke mix and match approach, Arnos Vale can really allow for the couple’s characters to take precedence on the big day. Think alternative, bespoke and a step away from the traditional.


It goes without saying that your wedding day is all about you, so don’t follow the crowds when it comes to your outfit, go rogue and channel your individuality! Luckily Bristol is home to a whole host of bridal boutiques that can cater for the non-traditional bride.

The Mews: this fashion forward Clifton Village boutique exudes French couture, think classy, feminine and sexy, these dresses are a real step away from the conservative gowns of the past.

Karen Reilly: why choose a dress off the rail when you can design your own? Having been designing and making wedding dresses in Bristol for 25 years, Karen Reilly can help you to be the bride you want to be.


It’s the little details that serve to allow your wedding to shine, it’s here that the couple can truly bring the individual and the alternative to ensure that their day is like no other.

Image of Berkeley Suites - photographer Evoke Pictures

Berkeley Suites and Berkeley Square Hotel: choose Bristol’s only art hotel for accommodation and immerse yourself and your guests in a stunning and unique visual experience. After entering the hotel, a glass door reveals the Square Gallery beyond. Changing works of art are continually on display throughout the space. The exhibition continues above the gallery is home to an impressive art collection. Each floor has been taken over by a different artist whose original works grace the hotel rooms and hallways.

Hermione Harbutt: nestled within Bristol's beautiful Clifton Arcade, Hermione Harbutt’s head office come showroom is home to her stunning intricate headpieces. With a bespoke service, Hermione can create a true one of a kind accessory, a quirky alternative to the veil that will get all your guests talking.

Diana Porter: the wedding ring, the universal symbol of commitment to one another doesn’t have to be traditional. Diana Porter, Bristol’s own jeweller and silversmith creates contemporary pieces that are a world away from the conventional.

So let Bristol and it's wonderful quirkiness help you to create a personal wedding that is as memorable for your guests as it is for you.


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