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Square and Compass

Square and Compass

The Barn at the Square & Compass is the perfect venue for a wedding in rural Somerset. "We specialise in very relaxed weddings with the emphasis on very, very good food and can provide the civil wedding ceremony, reception and a party in the evening. The whole day can be arranged for you if you wish, or you can organise parts of it yourself. There are plenty of venues which provide very formal weddings, however, our speciality is that the whole day revolves around an exceptionally good quality, generous, modern meal in the afternoon. We find that if the food is really good, then everything else just falls into place.

We like to try and run the reception through into the evening without any large time gap. You can invite many more guests in the evening, if you wish. There is a large bar in the Barn and all the facilities necessary for up to 250 people. Your evening party can be as quiet or noisy as you wish. Once again, we can arrange all this for you, hiring in bands, a DJ or other entertainment, or you can arrange this yourselves. We can also continue on as late into the night as you wish."



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