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"The Bath Magician" - Grant Maidment

Wedding Magician Extraordinaire

Are you newly engaged after a recent proposal? You might be wondering which entertainment might be best for your special day?

LOOK NO FURTHER!!! Grant’s intimate close up magic is the perfect icebreaker for you and your guests.

His memorable performances will create a fantastic atmosphere of wonder and laughter, which will keep the proceedings flowing nicely – a real treat for all your friends and family.

Here are some of the main benefits in booking Grant’s expert entertainment:

A wonderful experience

Connects people together


Great entertainment for all ages

Truly amazing magic performed in a charming and friendly way

Helps create brilliant pictures for your photo album. Your guests will have so much fun!

Grant can be booked at 4 main parts of your wedding day:

Magic During The Photographs

Mix and mingle magic during the photographs. While the bride and groom have their all important wedding photos taken, Grant will mix and mingle with the other guests providing them with amazing magic entertainment.

Magic During The Wedding Breakfast

Grant will perform during the meal at each table individually. This is a great idea as many people do not know each other at weddings and his performance will create the perfect icebreaker and talking point for the guests.

Magic During The Lull

This is the part between the breakfast and the evening reception. Often this is a time for the room to be turned and can be a moment of rest and relaxation. Or, it can be a time for some fun and laughter with some brilliant close up magic!

Magic During The Evening Reception

Grant will start the party celebrations with a blast of energy, performing his act at the beginning of the evening. A great way to get people in the mood for some fun.

If you want to make your wedding unforgettable, book Grant now!


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