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Victoria's Hair Design

We love weddings! Victoria and Olivia have between them 12 years experience in wedding hair styling, Hollie is our new beauty therapist and she is offering wedding make up. We are very artistic and enthusiastic about providing our services to create whatever look the bride requires, and when needed designing looks for a bride.

We each have our favourite styles, however we get the best kick out of our jobs when the bride is really happy, so our aim is to adapt our creativity around the brides preferences and advise when needed.

We work great as a team or individually depending on what you require. We take an ‘all hands on deck’ approach, there have been occasions when we have helped by sewing a bridesmaid into their dress, and styling the grandad’s hair for instance, so we are always happy to help.

We have based our prices on what we charge for day to day services in the salon, not the word ‘wedding’.

Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your big day.


Tel: 01458 273 999


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